Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our sign!

This is our new RUMFISH sign...

Another day in paradise!

Another Sunday morning. Just returned from a long walk on the beach with husband and dogs. Breakfast at Cozy Corner. Coffee and the Caribbean. Perfect start to the day.

The housekeeper just left, now all is quiet. Puppies are beat and resting, and I am on my way to the hammock with about six issues of Coastal Living I borrowed from Z-Touch Salon! There is something working so hard that makes even 1/2 day of rest the most rewarding. We will go back to the beach in an hour and soak up some sun and play with the dogs in the water. Swim, read...yes, another day in paradise I guess.

Last week was a doozy though! 125 cases of wine arrived in Belize City and John had the lucky fortune of having to pick it all up. He road with Norman the Baker. 4:30 am departure, clearly Norman did not have time to tame his afro. So, they hit the road and arrived back at Rumfish about 20 hours later- seeing one new battery, about 15 stops to shop for restaurant stuff, and 2 breakdowns on the Hummingbird Highway along the way. By 2 am Norman (who's fro was now about a foot in circumference and had collected some particles along the way), and John lugged all 125 cases into the house.

The next day, Friday the 13th, was John's birthday! He was given a schedule in the morning that included a hair appointment (desperately wanted by John) a massage, some nap time, little cozy time with the wife...etc. Dinner at French Connection was wonderful- pork chop and duck- and at 9 pm a DJ and bday party at Rumfish. We sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed cake among throngs of friends- it was a good one.

Saturday we had our second LARGE order for Peckish Provisioning. Scurrying around picking up last minute things- we loaded onto the boat around 5pm, just as we finished the guests arrived. Happy, and a job well done.

Got the wines loaded into the restaurant, inventoried, updated the wine list, and now we can actually take a minute to breathe today and enjoy our life in the Caribbean.

GQ Mag features Rumfish y vino March 2009 issue!!

Rumfish y vino is featured in GQ magazine this month
March 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turn to page 110 and see a picture of our ceviche (although they misspell and call it Seviche! We have 2 nice mentions, one is the photo caption, the other is in the article itself- "for a more upscale evening...try Rumfish y vino where the special is usually what was caught that morning..."