Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Worst Blogger Ever!

I am truly the worst ever. I mean HELLO! What's the point then?? Well, it just so happened that we were very busy this year...and had a baby. YES. Rumfish had a baby this December and her name is Libby. Quite an interesting experience having a baby in Belize. I think thankfully I have nothing to compare it to.
But she is THE best. A perfect baby really and truly...she comes to work at Rumfish about every other day. Her strengths are getting along with others, interpersonal working relationships, communication, guest relations, and very detail oriented. Her weaknesses, really only stemming from lack of experience are, table maintenance, mixology, food & wine knowledge, and occasional tardiness. But we love her anyway!

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  1. Hello John, Pamela and Libby- I was just thinking about you and your wonderful Rumfish. My husband and I visited you in May of 2009 and we often tell friends about how wonderful our time at your restuarant was and how you guys made us 2- 1 gallon bags of platanos for our provisioning! Anyway- congratulations on your beautiful baby girl Libby. Post more pictures and blog more when you can.
    I hope all is well for you after the most recent hurricane.
    We hope to visit your place again soon, until then we will continue to tell everyone about Rumfish