Friday, December 16, 2011

'Tis the Season!

Here it is...the holidays! Rumfish took a long break to recooperate from the last season. We traveled, shopped, SLEPT!, enjoyed family and friends...visiting two US coasts over six weeks with our toddler in tow! A break, not so much...a fury of activity that brought us back exhausted, yet invigorated! And, low and behold, we had a new veranda sticking off the front of our little spot. Igniting the fires in us...we completed the gesture and painted, reupolstered, revamped the menu...and now, Dear Friends, we are ready to sail into 2012!
So we got a little Sh**t from our local friends for being gone this summer/fall...I hope someday they will understand that working 7 days a week for 300 days takes a toll. Especially for our little Babe! But after 6 weeks straight with Mommy and Daddy I believe I heard her say...GO BACK TO WORK MOMMY AND DADDY...YOU ARE EXHAUSTING ME!
So now we face...The Babe's 2nd Bday next week, then the Christmas Jumble "you-know-what"...then New Years...then Mommy's 40th...then hopefully smooth sailing for the rest of 2012!
Now, after all of the niceties and bull shit...the brass tacks. Owning and operating a restaurant is tough. Owning and operating a restaurant in Belize (all my local comrades will agree) is fricking crazy! Then , too boot, you have this dog-eat-dog competition. Not built of the natural progression of basic development, but created by and exascerbated by...Trip Advisor! Seems lately there have been some shinangins about town, some covert operations and accusations...that people may be attempting to sabatoge restaurants with falsified Trip Advisor reviews. Hey, you know will come back to you if you keep you eye on the ball of improvement and keep growing, changing, evolving to meet the needs to each and every existing and emerging market. It's a difficult challenge down here as our resources are incredibly limited and our market is mostly seasonal and tourist based. But at the end of the day, I would hope our fellow restauranteurs are keeping a clean nose. Karma is real...enough said!
Ok, yicky stuff aside, we are so excited to get into the thick of the season. We have promising projections from our fabulous resort & local friends and a wonderful staff that has been with us for years to guide us through!
We anticipate a year of excitement, making lot's of new friends-short term or long- that will keep our spirits alive and kicking in 2012!
We want to give thanks to everyone who supports us and those to come. We work hard to create the best possible dining experience for our customers. We hope that we succeed in that effort and enhance anyones day, vacation, honeymoon, travels, or what have you...and PLEASE feel completely free to share any joys, insights, suggestions you have in your experience at Rumfish with us at anytime. It is our pleasure to serve you...we hope it is your pleasure too!

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